WisdomMe Buddhist Report


Thripitakabhivandana Week in t

In keeping with President Maithripala Sirisena’s d


Buddhist monk finds a digital

Bhante Sanathavihari, a monk who lives at the Sara


UNESCO urged to make the ‘Thri

Sri Lanka is expected to make a proposal to the Un


Sutta Study: Leading to Escape

The Nissaraniya Sutta lays out five elements of me


Most Enchanting Buddhist Templ

Buddhism encompasses a significant part of the cul


Mindfulness in Plain English

Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Henepola Gu


Revival of an Ancient Indian T

DHARAMSHALA, Jan. 24: Exiled Tibetan leader His Ho


WisdomMe.Org Releases Mobile A

To provide additional capabilities to members, Wis


Dhammapada Daily

The Story of Santatithe Minister

Verse No: 142

Punishment: Costumes Do Not Mar Virtue

Though he is gaily decked, if he is calm, free from moral defilements, and has his senses controlled, if he is established in Magga Insight, if he is pure and has laid aside enmity (lit., weapons) towards all beings, he indeed is a brahmana, a samana, and a bhikkhu.

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Confused and frustrated with using YouTube for finding appropriate dhamma videos? WisdomMe’s mission is to provide an environment where members with similar learning intent can network or practice using on-line resources that are targeted to the Buddhist Community. No more expose to inappropriate videos.


Have you considered sharing information about certain Buddhist topics with others who has similar interest? WisdomMe’s Group capability allows you to form public or private groups to share information or comment on a topic that is essential to you in learning the Buddhist doctrine. Discussing and sharing will accelerate learning.


Have your ever missed the opportunity to attend a retreat or an important event at your favorite Buddhist Organization? WisdomMe’s Organization feature allows you to follow an organization to receive updates on upcoming activities and events. Follow the organization to provide direct support.


Have your ever considered participating in important practices such as meditation from home with aid from on-line resources? WisdomMe’s Practices allows you to participate in devotional activities based on your level of understanding of the Buddhist Doctrine. Practices are filtered based on your level of knowledge.

WisdomMe is a Non-Profit association dedicated for developing the WisdomMe.org website as a public service. Anyone from the public without regard for religious affiliation will be able to use this capability for learning or practicing the Dhamma.

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