Financial Disclosure

As a fully transparent non-Profit association dedicated for public service, WisdomMe plans to share all donations and expenses with the public.

All donations are accumulated into a one general fund and are allocated to different projects. As the site expands with users, WisdomMe will allow user to donate toward projects that are specially targeted to organizations.

WisdomMe site is managed on volunteer time. As such no one is being compensated except when the work is performed by another organization such as a contractor. Even in those cases, contractors are requested to provide low cost services to support a public service organization.

Currently, WisdomMe site does not plan to host any web advertisements. Depend on the amount of direct support received, in the future, WisdomMe may consider adding Buddhist publication related advertising that are appropriate to the WisdomMe community.

Once the site is fully developed, practices that include video content will be hosted/streamed directly from the site. As such there will be a monthly server and data streaming cost based on number of practices and content streamed from the site. Since the site is still under development, at this time monthly costs are difficult to estimate. However, donations for these monthly costs are encouraged. More information will be provided once the site is deployed and practices are streamed to end users.